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Equality and Diversity

The College celebrates and values the diversity brought to it by all those individuals who live, work and learn here.  All staff, volunteers and those contracted to provide services are expected  to share this commitment. We are proud to carry the ‘Two Ticks – Positive about Disabled People’ logo and actively encourage applications from candidates who consider themselves to be disabled.

Our Equality and Diversity Objectives for 2014-16 are:

  1. To maintain/reduce any gap in success across all level curriculum areas and courses for age, gender, disability and ethnicity to 3%
  2. To plan staff development to ensure that all members of staff attend at least one event to broaden their own understanding of ensuring equality and promoting diversity – this will be planned and monitored through appraisal and the College Staff Development programme
  3. To increase promotion of equality and diversity across College through the following activity:
  •  All sections to include at least one visit or visiting speaker for all learners that promotes an understanding and awareness of different cultures
  • Setting up an ongoing exchange/link in each curriculum area to involve an active dialogue with an overseas country
  • All sections to plan student involvement in ‘Culture Days’ at each Centre on an annual basis


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